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KVH Advanced Technicians

Latest News > KVH Advanced Technicians


Conrad Anderson are advanced technicians for Tracvison and Tracphone TV and communications systems. With many years experience in the sales service and repair of KVH Tracvison satellite TV systems and many other brands of communications and satellite equipment, we have formalised our experience with the KVH Advanced training program for ... | More...

Teleco Software Updates

Latest News > Teleco Software Updates


 If you have a Teleco satellite system which has recently stopped locking onto Astra 2 it will probably require a software update, get in touch with Conrad Anderson to sort this out. | More...

Sinclair Roof Air con and DC kit Installation

Blog Articles > Sinclair Roof Air con and DC kit Installation


Another professional installation by Conrad Anderson on a Carthago Motorhome, keeping the customer cool while parked on hook up and on the move using one of our DC kits. An interesting and multifaceted job to add convenience and flexibility when travelling | More...

Sinclair Roof Mounted Air Con Units

Blog Articles > Sinclair Roof Mounted Air Con Units


Sinclair Roof Mounted Air Con Units The beauty and enjoyment that comes from using campervans and motorhomes involves the flexibility of choice when it comes to your destinations, scenery while you travel and where you choose to stop, and the type of holiday you choose to experience, from city ... | More...

Vehicle Cruise Control

Blog Articles > Vehicle Cruise Control


Vehicle Cruise Control The humble inventor along with his or her inventions make a huge impact on our lives and to a large degree can shape the present time we live in, and impacts on the future of us all.  For example, this blog is primarily about vehicle cruise control, ... | More...

Sinclair Roof Mounted Air Con Units

Blog Articles > Sinclair Roof Mounted Air Con Units


Sinclair Roof Mounted Air Con Units Who doesn’t hope for glorious weather during a campervan holiday?  When we imagine ourselves on holiday enjoying travel, sightseeing, and adventure, or just sitting back with a good book or puzzle at our home from home, what kind of weather also features in these plans ... | More...

Speed Limiter Kits

Latest News > Speed Limiter Kits


Speed Limiter Kits Speed is a topic on the mind of many modern motorists, politicians and local communities.  It is mostly associated with traffic collisions and accidents, but also has an influence on fuel consumption and the economy of a vehicle, the general wear and tear of a vehicle, and on ... | More...

Sky-Q On The Move

Product Guides > Sky-Q On The Move


Sky Q On The Move                                                            Are you ... | More...

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