BR Systems Bike Lift 12v

Electric Bike Lift

  • An integrated 12V motor with switch or optional remote control for effortless bike movement.
  • The platform capable of bridging a 110cm height distance, allowing bikes to be lowered to nearly ground level on most vehicles.
  • No manual lifting required; installing bikes is more comfortable as they are closer to the ground.Ideal for electric bikes
  • Maximum load capacity of 60 kg, suitable for accommodating 2 E-bikes or 3 standard bikes.
  • Lightweight design, weighing only 20 kg, for easy handling and transportation.
  • Remote control worth £90 free with installation


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Electric Bike Lift

Introducing the Electric Bike Lift

Your ultimate solution for enhancing mobility and convenience.

Revolutionize your travel experience with our patented Bike Lift, the pinnacle of innovation in bike-carrier technology. Whether you’re embarking on a motorhome adventure or seeking to transport your bikes hassle-free, the Bike Lift offers unparalleled ease and efficiency.

Powered by an integrated 12V motor, effortlessly elevate and lower your bikes with the push of a switch or opt for the convenience of remote control (available as an option). With a platform capable of spanning a 110cm height difference, you can effortlessly bring your bikes to ground level on most vehicles.

Bid farewell to the strain of lifting bikes onto traditional carriers. With the Bike Lift, installation is a breeze as bikes are conveniently positioned closer to the ground. With a maximum load capacity of 60 kg, accommodate up to 2 E-bikes or 3 standard bikes with ease.

Compact and lightweight at just 20 kg, the Bike Lift is designed for practicality without compromising on performance. Say hello to effortless bike transportation like never before with the Electric Bike Lift.


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