Discover the Top-Notch Services at Conrad Anderson!

At Conrad Anderson, we take pride in being your premier destination for a wide range of top-quality services, acting as Dealers or Importers for various cutting-edge products. Our dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction has made us a leading name in the industry. Let’s explore the services we offer:

Sinclair Air Conditioning Systems - UK Importer for Vehicle Solutions

Stay cool on the road with our top-of-the-line Sinclair Vehicle Air Conditioning Systems. As the trusted UK Importer for Vehicle Solutions, we bring you roof-mounted air conditioning systems designed to provide optimal comfort during your journeys.

Oyster Satellite TV Systems

Enjoy unparalleled entertainment on the move with our Oyster Satellite TV Systems. Whether you’re traveling through the Midlands or elsewhere, our systems deliver high-quality TV reception, keeping you entertained throughout your adventures.

Cruise Control, Speed, and Rev Limiter Systems - UK Importer and Installer

Experience the freedom of effortless driving with our Cruise Control and Speed Limiter Systems. As the UK Importer and Installer, we go the extra mile to ensure you receive exceptional technical support and expert training, benefiting both our trade customers and end users.

Ma-Ve Hydraullic Levelling for Motorhomes, Vans and Horseboxes - Midlands Installer

Achieve a perfectly level floor effortlessly with just the touch of a button – whether you’re in a motorhome, horsebox, or engaged in mission-critical applications like communications surveying, broadcasting, or even unicorn grooming!

4G & 5G communications Specialists - Hardware and Data

Stay connected with Pepwave connectivity solutions – business critical always-on with remote management and technical support.  Hardware, Installation and Data – all from the same supplier.

Air Conditioning Solutions

Our expertise in air conditioning extends beyond vehicle systems. We offer a comprehensive range of air conditioning solutions to cater to various applications, ensuring you stay comfortable in any environment.

Mobile Satellite Internet Services

For seamless connectivity across Europe, look no further than our Mobile Satellite Internet services. Our team of experts excels in designing and installing top-notch systems for any type of vehicle, and we provide unmatched technical backup, advice, and customer service.

MECAir Air Conditioning Units

Experience the market’s most compact rooftop air conditioning units – they are the smallest, lightest, and exceptionally compact. Crafted in Italy to uphold the highest standards of quality and reliability, these units ensure optimal cooling performance. Stay comfortably cool throughout your journey with our cutting-edge and space-efficient rooftop air conditioning solutions.

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