Ghost Immobiliser – Advanced Vehicle Security Solutions

  • Undetectable Security
  • Prevention of Key Cloning and Signal Theft
  • Customizable Security Code
  • Advanced Anti-Theft Technology
  • Compatibility Across Vehicle Models
  • Resistance to Tampering
  • Minimal Disruption for Peace of Mind
  • Professional Installation and Support

Only available with installation by Conrad Anderson Ltd – included in the price


Autowatch Ghost is a vehicle specific solution, please tell the Make, Model & year of your vehicle
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Advanced Vehicle Security Solutions: Key Features of the Ghost Immobiliser

  • Undetectable Security: Operates silently and invisibly without any key fobs or visible indicators, making it nearly impossible for thieves to detect or bypass.
  • Prevents Key Cloning and Signal Theft: Guards against common vehicle theft methods such as key cloning, hacking, and signal relay attacks, ensuring your car remains protected.
  • Customizable Security Code: Offers the flexibility to set a personalized PIN code sequence, adding an extra layer of security unique to your vehicle.
  • Advanced Anti-Theft Technology: Utilizes cutting-edge technology that immobilizes the vehicle’s essential systems, preventing unauthorized starting attempts.
  • Compatibility Across Vehicle Models: Designed to work with a wide range of car/van makes and models, providing comprehensive security solutions for different types of vehicles.
  • Resistant to Tampering: Engineered with robust security measures to resist tampering, ensuring its effectiveness in deterring even the most determined thieves.
  • Peace of Mind with Minimal Disruption: Provides enhanced security without interfering with the vehicle’s warranty or causing disruptions to its electronics.
  • Professional Installation and Support: Backed by expert installation services and ongoing support to ensure proper setup and functionality.
  • These points highlight the key features and benefits of the Ghost Immobiliser, emphasizing its effectiveness in safeguarding vehicles against theft.

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