Teleco Software Updates

If you have a Teleco satellite system which has recently stopped locking onto Astra 2 it will probably require a software update, get in touch with Conrad Anderson to sort this out.

This is the first time in 11 years that the changes to the satellites have affected Teleco systems, however to most of us in the trade it is seen as pretty inevitable that it would happen at some point given that other systems such as Oyster, Tracvision, Satfi and most of the other systems on the market have been affected on various occasions in the last 6+ years.

Most Consumer grade Automatic satellite systems scan the sky for a frequency which is broadcast from the satellite, once the frequency is located the system ‘peaks’ on that frequency and ‘locks on’. The satellite operators choose which frequencies are used and sometimes they are retired for technical reasons. If the frequency that the system is searching for is retired and is no longer being broadcast from the satellite, then the satellite system will not lock on and just continue to search the sky.

This issue is out of the control of your motorhome dealer, installer or indeed the manufacturer of the satellite system and is therefore not covered by the system or vehicle warranty.

Updates cost £75 as long as the main control box is easily accessible, if we need to dismantle half the van to get at the box there may be an additional charge, Contact Conrad Anderson for more information or to book in 0121 2470619 or email

If you have issues with other brands of dish it is likely we can help you troubleshoot those aswell, just give us a call or email.

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