‘If a job is worth doing, it is worth doing well’.

Conrad Anderson strive to uphold this at our heart in all aspects of our work, to make your experiences and interactions with us, and the subsequent use of our products, positive.

Dont take our word for it - our customers will tell you themselves!


Hi Conrad Anderson,

I just wanted to say a big thanks for the cruise control you recently supplied for my Fiat Ducato based 2010 motorhome. I chose the kit which came with the GC90 controller, CM30 stalk and vehicle specific T- harness to connect directly to the accelerator. I wanted a no frills stalk as a simple to use and easy to understand means of operating the cruise control which it does flawlessly.

It only took around 2 hours to fit and was supplied with comprehensive instructions detailing how to connect to the vehicle wiring. Although great care has to be taken to ensure that the electrical connections are properly made and wiring tied away to ensure no hazards in the drivers footwell (where I had installed the GC90 controller) it was a very simple process to follow. 

I mounted the CM30 stalk just below the indicator stalk on the left hand side of the steering column and it fits perfectly and suits the instrument layout very well. It is easy to operate without fumbling around for it and as it is so simple to use, making the wrong choice is very unlikely.

After running through the initial checks as recommended in the instruction manual, I was ready for the road. The cruise control performed well right out of the box and I only had to adjust the sensitivity of the controller to suit my vehicle. I was very pleased with the help I received before purchase and would definitely recommend Conrad Anderson for the support and level of knowledge they have on the products they supply (and fit too of course).

(David Jones)


Hi Femma,

Just to let you know that the motor arrived on Friday, I have fitted it and my system is up and running again.

Many many thanks for your prompt and efficient service. ( I may even write to MMM)



Hi Femma,

Thanks  for e-mail. New box working perfect, appears to work better than original.

Thanks for your concern

(Colin Nuttall)


Hi Femma,

Thank you for your email.

I was prompted by a breakdown on the car. A vacuum pipe perished. That caused the cruise to stop but I didn't know they were related and thought that it was coincidence. I was thinking your product had had its day too, so when fixing the one thing sorted the cruise out I was very pleased as I could not have complained at hundred thousand miles of service as it was. So the e-mail. I would recommend you to anyone. 

The only small beef is that the paint was off the buttons in no time, but not before I learned which was which. Cruise is so useful on long trips especially and helps to keep the ticket count down and as I get older it helps with tiredness levels too when I do 7 or 800 miles in a day which happens several times a year. My next trip is from Kaernten, Austria (where I am currently living) Ariege in France via north Italy. Looking forward to that! If you've nothing to do look it up on google maps.

(Dave Wilmshurst)


Hi Steve,

Sorry I didn't contact you sooner but Christmas got in the way.  I received the solar remote panel and the bespoke mounting plate (looks like one of Sam's), both fitted and plugged in perfectly. 

We haven't had a chance to get across the channel yet due to sorting out the house so I can't give you any follow-up info on how the solar and oyster internet are working outside of the UK but rest assured when I do I will tell you.  Hopefully it'll be before the spring.

Please convey my thanks to all who helped on the installation and a special thanks to Femma for the flowers and chocolates for Kerry, they went down a treat.


Thanks again, best regards to all,

(Lee Wilson)


Hi Jason,

Thank you for your email. The sat dish is working perfectly, we love it, thank you, I am typing this email from the camper parked up on a beautiful beach in Brittany France. We would be very happy to recommend this dish & of course your company, so please feel free to pass my email address on to anyone who may be looking for the same type of mobile internet connection we now have.

''Fantastic, professional service from a company who really knows their products. Thank you Conrad Anderson for your help in making our internet business mobile, allowing us to run our company from a motorhome satellite dish anywhere in the UK & around Europe! The Good Dog Guide.''

If you would like more of a recommendation please let us know, we are very happy to help, but to be honest time at the moment is short as I am ploughing through some work so I can go swimming in the beautiful cool ocean that sits in front of me...ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!


Happy weekend to you.






Hi Conrad Anderson,

I would like to bring to your attention how knowledgeable and helpful Naomi was when I phoned ( at almost 5pm today). I wanted to query and buy a cruise control kit for my motorhome, she was very helpful and fielded my questions expertly.

(Richard Olphin)


Dear Nicola,

When you sent out the replacement T-harness for my Citroen C3 Pluriel, you also sent an electronics box, but I had not returned the original electronics box with the T-harness which I had returned to you, so here it is.

I would like to say that I have very much appreciated your high level of customer service and I am pleased to say that I now have a woking cruise control. Last week I did two 270 mile trips, outbound on cruise control at 70mph and the return with the cruise set at 60mph. I did the return trip in a stress free non stop 4.75 hours. (I had to slow for roadworks).

Many thanks for your help


(Christopher Rose)



Hi Nathan,

We have now returned from our holiday in Holland, nice country, plenty to see in the day, thank you very much for your assistance in talking me through the satellite dish procedure, we had our TV to pass away the evening , very grateful for your help once again.

You offer a brilliant after sales service to your customers, we will always recommend you


Kind regards


(Jean & Mick Saunders)



Dear Conrad Anderson,

Thank you for your help and advice and after sales service today you enabled me to set-up my Digital Satellite receiver via a telephone conversation with your Nathan; This saved me a long journey to your workshop from Kent.

My original trip to you was at least 18 months ago and it is good to know that there are still some companies around who offer actually customer service.





Frank Beevers.


Dear Team Conrad Anderson,

After putting up with a failed Cruise Control last year,  I was loath to have the same experience whilst driving our mobile home on holiday this year. Having come to you to have a Reverse Mate fitted about 8 years ago, I know that your products are reliable because the Reverse Mate is still working well.

I am certainly not disapointed with the New Cruise Control.  What a relief to be able  to return to Norwich with out having an aching right foot at the end of our journey.  The Cruise Control is proving to be very easy to use and allows a more relaxed drive along dual carriage ways and motor ways. It certainly proved to be more fuel efficient on the return journey than on the outward journey.  The team working on our mobile home were very efficient and friendly. I knew the task of fitting the Cruise Control would be a challenge, but they were up to it; It put me in mind of 'The A Team!'

Since we had come a relatively long way from home were were very happy to accept the place you offered  on the premises where we could stay over night, be secure  and have an electric hook-up and water.  As my wife and I are disabled and have difficulty in walking far, we were very happy to rest in your very pleasant waiting room where we were able to catch up with our reading, watch TV or even have a snooze, and those very welcome cups of coffee and tea.

Once again, Thank you so much! It will be easy to remember that Conrad Anderson means happy motoring!


(Ron Papendick)


Hi Steve & Naomi,

I just want to thank you both, and Femma, and the engineer who worked on my Smart car, for your patience and the final result in creating a great 'cruise control' system for my Smart.  Thankfully, the sat-nav successfully navigated me through Birmingham, and as the dual carriageways became less congested, I gradually got used to the cruise control.  I had a very comfortable return journey and am well-pleased with the final result.  It enables me to ease, considerably, the pressure on my right foot - I'm travelling down to Cornwall on Wednesday, so feel very confident that the 'pre-set' panel and the CM30 will make my four hour journey less stressful.

Once again, thank you all for a great service.  If ever you want a reference for a customer, in a similar predicament to mine, just feel free to ask - it would be a pleasure!

Best wishes

(Peter Penberthy)


Hi Conrad Anderson Team,

Would just like to thank all at Conrad Anderson for there excellent service in fitting a cruise control unit to my Ford Fiesta on 6/11/09, the unit works perfectly and makes motorway driving a joy, all at Conrad make me feel very comfortable and the unit is fitted very professionally, would recommend anyone thinking about getting a cruise control system to give Conrad Anderson a call.

Thanks again


Alfred Sealy



Hi Femma,

Nice to meet with you last week, good to out a face to the emails!

I just wanted to say thank you for the work you did fitting the replacement VRM6100.  There was no way I would have been able to do the work myself and the new connections giving me sound in reverse is a great improvement.  Now I can hear when I reverse into the dustbins in my driveway!

Best regards...

Julian Ingram


 Hi Steve,
My vehicle was fitted with CC  by yourselves and had a slight glitch where it lost the setting.I discussed it with your technician Andy and today he changed a component and altered the wiring.This has cured the problem completely as far as I can tell and I would like you to thank Andy for sorting it out and also working into his lunch break to get me away.Much appreciated and I would certainly recommend your business without hesitation
Dave Clarke

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