Oyster Cytrac DX Automatic Satellite System

  • Single-cable wiring
  • App control
  • Automatic updates via app
  • Patented reception technology for extraordinary reception range
  • Minimal mounting space requirements on the vehicle roof
  • Extremely low profile
  • Automatic aiming and satellite search
  • High-quality rugged materials
  • Solid, safe and weather-resistant design
  • LEM technology: The antenna system searches along the elevation angle last set (reducing search time)
  • Automatic satellite switchover when changing programs
  • Antenna retracts automatically when the engine is started (terminal 15 must be connected)
  • 3-year warranty and reliable customer service


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Introducing Cytrac® DX – Unlocking New Frontiers with Patented Technology

At the heart of the Cytrac® DX system lies a groundbreaking innovation, patented for unparalleled range and performance. This revolutionary system is built upon a network of 1,016 interconnected individual antennas, meticulously arranged in a honeycomb array. Harnessing cutting-edge mathematical calculations, Cytrac® DX achieves a reception range that outshines conventional flat dishes by several hundred kilometers. Notably, this patented antenna technology enhances signal purity, elevating the quality of high-definition (HD) programming to new heights.

Despite its formidable technological prowess, the Cytrac® DX system maintains a sleek and compact profile, standing at a mere 14 cm in height. Its lightweight design and space-efficient form factor ensure seamless integration with virtually any vehicle roof. The rugged exterior unit, crafted from cast aluminum, safeguards the intricate technology within. To maximize space efficiency, the system only rotates when deployed, fortified by specially engineered mechanical reinforcement that withstands even the fiercest gusts of wind.

Customization Options:

TWIN-LNB for Tailored Entertainment: Enhance your experience with the optional TWIN-LNB feature. This component provides two satellite connections, enabling you to feed separate programs to a second receiver or an additional TV set equipped with an integrated receiver.

Manual SKEW for Extended Coverage: For optimal reception on the outskirts of a satellite’s footprint, particularly in south-western and south-eastern regions, adjustments are essential. Earth’s curvature causes the receiver to deviate from the satellite signal’s orientation, known as the skew angle. The Cytrac® DX system, standard with manual SKEW adjustment, allows you to fine-tune the antenna dish with the LNB in place, ensuring that satellite signals align at the perfect angle for maximum reception range.

Discover the future of satellite technology with Cytrac® DX, where innovation and performance converge to redefine your viewing experience.

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