Oyster 85 V3 Automatic Satellite System

  • App control
  • Automatic updates via app
  • 85-cm antenna dish for ultimate range
  • Automatic aiming and satellite search
  • High-quality rugged materials
  • Solid, safe and weather-resistant design
  • Rotary-head technology
  • LEM technology: The antenna system searches along the elevation angle last set (reducing search time)
  • Automatic satellite switchover when changing programs
  • Automatic antenna retraction at engine start (terminal 15 must be connected)
  • 3-year warranty and reliable customer service


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Introducing the Oyster® – A Timeless Classic for Uninterrupted Entertainment

The Oyster® has long been hailed as a classic in the world of mobile entertainment, and it continues to reign supreme. With this exceptional antenna, you can savor your favorite TV and radio programs throughout continental Europe. Its wide reception range, coupled with remarkable image quality, enhanced by digital satellite technology, ensures a flawless reception experience for all your beloved programs.

This antenna’s size isn’t just a matter of aesthetics; it’s a key factor in ensuring exceptional reception even in challenging weather conditions. The size of the dish determines not only the quantity but also the quality of the programs you can access. At ten Haaft, we craft each Oyster® system’s antenna dish with meticulous precision, maintaining zero tolerances and ultimate dimensional accuracy. This unwavering commitment guarantees optimal signal reception across the entire surface.

Customization Options:

TWIN LNB for Tailored Entertainment: Take your entertainment to the next level with the optional TWIN LNB. This feature opens the door to two satellite connections, empowering you to feed separate programs to a second receiver or even a secondary TV set with an integrated receiver.

SKEW for Extended Coverage: To enjoy optimal reception at the fringes of a satellite’s footprint, particularly in south-western and south-eastern regions, the LNB (Low Noise Block) may need adjustment. This is a necessity due to the earth’s curvature causing the receiver to tilt away from the satellite signal’s orientation, a phenomenon known as the skew angle. The SKEW feature comes to the rescue, featuring a small electric motor that automatically adjusts the LNB to ensure the satellite signals align perfectly with the antenna, granting you maximum reception range.

Elevate your mobile entertainment experience with the Oyster® – a classic reimagined for the modern world.

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