MiPV Solar Panels 1002mm wide – multiple lengths

MiPV is synonimous as the best in Solar Power systems, the CIGs technology offers far improved performance in low light conditions enabling your power system to start charging earlier in the day and continue into the evening

  • Low Profile – only 3mm thick
  • Flexible – will follow the contours of the vehicle
  • Lightweight
  • Strong – CIGS thin film solar panel on Stainless Steel Foil
  • Efficient – Charges for longer over the whole day
  • Easy Installation – Self Adhesive panels stick to the roof

panels are manufactured to order in UK, lead time is at least 4 weeks.




    Ranging from 0.5m to 5m in length to suit your application. Front or rear-facing junction box options with 40kg twist strength connections


    15 – 18 % efficiency. Vents not required as CIGS does not generate heat as a by-product


    No wind drag or loss of MPG – only 1.77mm thick (3mm bonded). Less than 3kg per m2


    Simple peel & stick, plug & play panels, with no drilling or racking required. Self-cleaning EFTE non-stick coating (Teflon-like) ensures panels remain clean and operational


    Bypass diodes installed in every pair of cells – so shadow/shading minimally affects power generation


    No glass or silicone, so no micro-fractures caused by vibrations or impacts. Comprehensive warranties are available for each application

Low Profile Thin Solar Panels

MiPV solar panels are super slim adhering directly to the roof of your motorhome, caravan, boat or vehicle without the need for racking or mounting frames.

Our low profile, ultra-thin system significantly reduces wind resistance and drag for all mobile applications and, as a result, are usually hidden from view.

When compared to traditional crystalline silicon modules which are heavy, fragile and extremely un-aerodynamic MIPV Leisure series solar panels provide significant benefits for vehicle stability, security and efficiency.

Flexible Solar Panels

The MiPV Leisure series CIGS solar panel is built on a stainless steel foil. This foil is encapsulated in high grade, specialist, polymers which ensure the assembled solar panel can follow curves and contours on your motorhome, caravan or boat roof.

These MIPV Leisure Series flexible solar panels are ideally suited to curved surfaces as a result of this construction method.

Lightweight Solar Panels

MiPV Leisure series solar panels weigh significantly less than any comparable silicon panel. Our unique panel construction ensures that a standard 120w MiPV leisure series panel weighs, on average, 12 kilograms less than a traditional glass silicon solar panel of similar power output.

MIPV leisure series solar panels are therefore the ideal choice when fitting solar panels to caravan, motorhome and canal boat roofs. In these days of ever increasing concern over vehicle weights and loads, MiPV leisure series panels offer significant weight savings when compared to heavy, glass based silicon PV panels.

Strong Solar Panels

All MiPV Leisure series solar panels are constructed using CIGS cells based on a stainless steel foil. This construction method allied to our encapsulation process ensures the panel is both flexible and robust.

MiPV Leisure series panels cannot crack and are extremely resistant to impact damage such as large hailstones or stones thrown from tyres etc.

Efficient Solar Panels

MiPV leisure series panels are constructed using CIGS (copper, indium, gallium and selenium) thin film solar cells. This CIGS thin film cell technology ensures that you can harvest significantly more energy over the course of a day when compared to silicon systems of a comparable cost. This is as a result of MiPV Leisure Series panels utilising CIGS thin film cell technology. As a result of better low light performance Cigs thin film cells outperform silicon technology early and late in the day when the sun is lower in the sky. This means more energy is generated than silicon at comparable costs.

MiPV Leisure series panels produce more energy at dawn and dusk because of better low-light performance. Then around noon when temperatures are highest MiPV Leisure series panels are less susceptible to performance drop off than silicon cells (This is known as the temperature coefficient) again providing a significant difference in panel performance.

Simply put silicon cell performance is much more adversely affected by increases in surface temperature when compared to MiPV Leisure series CIGS cell technology.

Easy to Install Solar Panels

MiPV Leisure series solar panel designers have worked in partnership with world leaders in the adhesives technology sector to provide a simple, secure and flexible solution to flexible solar panel installation. MiPV Leisure Series solar panels are supplied with a self-adhesive backing which ensures a simple, straightforward application process.

The combination of a self-adhesive backing and flexible, lightweight modules ensure that MiPV leisure series solar panels can be fitted to most motorhomes, caravans and canal boats by competent DIY enthusiasts.

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