Dawson Go! Antenna System

Dawson Go! Antenna offer super fast internet in a robust and relible automatic satellite system from a company who has been around for close to 20 years.

Dawson Go! is specifically designed for the corporate communications market providing end-to-end satellite connectivity from your antenna to your IP network or corporate headquarters along with mobile POS and pdq appliactions.

  • Robust & Reliable
  • Precision engineered in UK
  • Ideal for corporate communications, POS & PDQ, video and audio streaming
  • Simple to use
  • Full installation service and technical backup available.



The Dawson Go! system is powered by Tooway with connectivity all over europe

Data services can be customised for your application depending on bandwidth and speed, frequency/periodicy of use and location. Please contact us to discuss and we can introduce you with our preferred ISP for the best solution for you.

‘Dawson GO!’ is the most cost effective antenna solution for your mobile broadband requirements. Our antennas are manufactured by the same team behind the Dawson brand. They have been developed with the same level of attention to detail and reliability you would expect from a company with over 19 years experience in making antennas for the broadcast industry.

‘Dawson GO!’ addresses the needs of the corporate communications market, providing end-to-end satellite connectivity from your antenna to your IP network or corporate headquarters.

Our antenna is perfect for a range of different uses. ‘Dawson GO!’ can enable a remote geographical location with fast Internet connectivity using our wi-fi option. Or you may wish to be sending data back from one location to another – this could be as diverse as enabling financial transactions at summer festivals to providing mobile banking to remote villages.

As well as providing full IP data connectivity, using the technology behind our parent brand, you can also stream video and audio from your ‘Dawson GO!’ antenna, providing real time connectivity from truck to base within minutes.


‘Dawson GO!’ is made from aluminium and stainless steel in a lightweight design that draws on the heritage of the Dawson Professional product range (Click here). We are able to reduce our costs on our ‘GO!’ range as we know you don’t need us to incorporate a lot of the additional features required for professional broadcast.  We are also able to sell directly to you with one click on our buy button. We ship directly to you and provide you with set up instructions and a full one year guarantee. It’s designed specifically for the corporate and personal user market and manufactured to the same high standard you would expect from the Dawson brand.

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