Toyota Corolla 2002-2007 Aftermarket Cruise Control Kit

Vehicle Specific Cruise Control for Toyota Corolla 2002-2007

Cruise Control: Elevate your driving experience with our advanced cruise control system.

• Maintain a steady speed effortlessly
• Set custom speed limits for safety
• Prevent exceeding preset speed limits
• Vehicle Specific for Easy Installation
• Pre-programmed for compatibility
• Upgrade to CM5 command modules
• No impact on vehicle warranties

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Installation – what to expect:

  • Average installation time – 3+ hours
  • Physical accessibility –  Relatively easy
  • Wiring accessibility –  Relatively easy
  • Setup –   Pedal setup and CAN search required

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Cruise control is an essential product that ensures both driver comfort and vehicle safety. It is a system that not only allows the driver to maintain a constant speed at the touch of a button but also enables them to set a maximum speed limit based on the road conditions. Additionally, it has a top-end speed limiter that prevents the vehicle from exceeding the set speed limit. We strongly believe that everyone should have this system installed in their vehicles.

To purchase and install a cruise control system, you can visit Conrad Anderson, install it yourself or as a local installer. The installation time may vary depending on the make, model, and year of your vehicle. Typically, it takes around 2-3 hours to install the system. However, some vehicles may require more time depending on their physical and electronic accessibility. In summary, purchasing and installing a cruise control system can greatly improve your driving experience by providing comfort and safety. So, contact us to help you get your cruise control installed!

In the box

  • Cruise control computer –
  • Computer wiring loom – for power and vehicle speed pulse, brake switch, clutch switch.
  • T-Harness – plug in connection to the throttle pedal
  • Command module – GC3 standard stalk, with option at purchase to have CM35 or CM50

Cruise control safety features:

  • In order for the cruise control to function, it must detect resistance in the brake circuit. If the brake lights or brake switch are faulty, the cruise control system will not operate.
  • During operation, if the vehicle’s speed increases or decreases more than 15% of the set speed, the cruise control will automatically deactivate. For instance, if the vehicle is driving uphill and cannot maintain the set speed in the current gear, the cruise control will deactivate.
  • The connection between the throttle pedal and the cruise control system only affects the vehicle’s performance when the cruise control power is turned on. When the cruise control is turned off, the throttle pedal signals remain unchanged, allowing the pedal to function normally.
  • The cruise control system will deactivate automatically when the brake is applied or the clutch is engaged.

General installation process – Toyota Corolla 2002-2007

The installation process for the cruise control system involves accessing the area under the dashboard and the steering column by removing the knee-trim and steering column cowling. In some cases, additional access may be required, such as the passenger side knee trim or the back of the radio. Soldered joints should be used for all connections. The brake and clutch connections are typically located at the top of the brake pedal, but on some vehicles, the location for connection may be found along the loom and away from the switch. The positive feed can be accessed from various locations in the vehicle, but the main feed for the ignition key is the recommended location to avoid any interference. Locating the vehicle speed pulse can be challenging, and we provide the location of this connection in the order according to the latest information in our vehicle database. The earth connection is not required, as it uses the earth connection through the throttle pedal.

To install the system, unplug the throttle pedal connector and place the T-harness inline. Connect the other end to the cruise computer and install the command module to the steering column cowling. Before removing the trim, mark the best position for the module. Run the cabling and connect it to the main computer loom.

The setup procedure is straightforward and takes approximately 20 minutes to road test. It includes the following steps: Static (while the vehicle is stationary), Pedal setup (to allow the cruise control to learn the throttle pedal signals), and Diagnostic (to check the installed connections such as the brake, clutch, command module buttons, and speed pulse. Speed pulse is monitored when the vehicle is driven in diagnostic mode). In summary, the installation process for the cruise control system requires accessing the under-dash and steering column areas, locating various connections, and following the step-by-step instructions provided.

Road test – The speed pulse setup is a crucial step in installing the cruise control system, as it enables the system to learn the vehicle speed pulse, which is essential for accurate speed control. Another critical step is the initialization and sensitivity setting, which involves adjusting the rate of acceleration and sensitivity of the throttle adjustment when the cruise is activated. This adjustment ensures that the vehicle’s speed adjusts smoothly and efficiently when the cruise control is engaged. By setting the sensitivity, the driver can ensure that the vehicle accelerates or decelerates at the desired rate, making for a comfortable and safe driving experience.

Command module functions

GC3 is the basic stalk included in the product price. This includes all the fundamental functions required for a smooth driving experience:

  • Setting the current speed
  • Increasing and decreasing speed
  • Activating the coast function, which deactivates the cruise control system (the brake and clutch pedals also perform this function)
  • Resuming the cruise control system at the previous speed, once the coast function has been deactivated

In addition to the basic functions provided by the

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