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Fri, Feb 22nd 2013

Universal Cruise Control kits

Cruise control kits are made up of an actuator, command module, and if using a fully electronic system, a T harness will be required. For vehicles manufactured (in most cases) after 2003, there is usually a vehicle specific kit available, and although universal kits may be able to be installed, but it will cause much head scratching and time wasted.

These devices are cable actuated and will require a certain degree of creative engineering to install, we recommend that only competent, mechanically minded customers attempt installation. These units can be installed onto vehicles with both mechanical throttle cable assemblies and fly-by-wire electronic throttles.

Actuators available:

GC30 - Vacuum actuator, requires 38mm of movement on the throttle (cable or pedal bracket) in order that the cruise control responds to full throttle. Use with 2.0l + petrol engines and diesel engines - vehicle must have vacuum supply.

GC55 - Supplied with a fitting kit which includes varying plly sizes, this adjusts the required amount of throttle movement (cable or pedal bracket) from 19mm - 38mm. Ideal for most vehicles, recommended on high power sports cars and small petrol engines.

GC90The GC90 is an electronic actuator which interfaces with the vehicle throttle pedals via a vehicle specific or universal T-Harness.

GC90CThe GC90c is an electronic actuator with an in-built CANBUS interface, This new addition gives the installer a reduced connection time. The system requires a vehicle specific or universal T-Harness to interface with the vehicle throttle pedal.

Command Modules Available:

GC3 - Stalk module, resume memory only
GC4 - Stalk module, resume with 2 memory's
GC5 - Stalk module, resume with 3 memory's
GC1 - Dash mounted panel
GCIR - Infra Red, steering wheel mounted.

If your vehicle is not listed on the vehicle specific cruise control wizard, please call us if you need any help deciding which parts you require.

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