VB FullAir - automatic, adjustable air suspension

VB Air suspension:
VB-FullAir is a fully automatic (adjustable) solution for suspension problems. The existing leaf- or coil-spring is replaced by a completeair-suspension system (including bellows, shock absorbers, compressor and an electronic control unit). The air-suspension system filters out road-surface imperfections and, therefore, improves the ride comfort.

 Main Features

  • Level off centre loads - Automatic
  • Constant ride height
  • Improved Handling
  • Improved Comfort        
  • Reduce Vehicle Roll
  • Ideal for heavily laden, high mileage vehcles. Motabilty, motorhomes and vehicles which transport expensive equipment

Price on application - please contact us for pricing options.


VB-FullAir is a fully-automatic air suspension solution offering the following benefits:


A constant ride-height: VB FullAir ensures that the vehicle stays at a constant (lower) ride height regardless of the vehicle load - the rear of the vehicle will not drop due to the load and this in turn has a positive influence on the fuel consumption.

Adjustable floor height: The air-suspension system is equipped with a raise and lower switch which offers the opportunity to change the height of the rear of the vehicle to ease coupling/decoupling of a trailer or to ease loading/unloading of the vehicle. This is a vastly cheaper alternative to using tail lifts or forklift trucks for heavy loads, without the need for extra insurance or specialised training.

Improved road handling: Modification of the shock absorbers improves the vehicle's road handling, straight driving and this will also reduce tyre wear.

Improved stability: Due to the unique VB-Air Suspension construction, every air-suspension system has its own integrated stabiliser. This improves the vehicle's stability and offers the driver the a safer feeling.

Better comfort: The air-suspension system filters the unevenness of the road so the passengers are subjected to less vibration. This increases comfort and reduces fatigue.

What is installed?: The system consists of vehicle specific kits to fit most small vans (upto 3.5 ton) and motorhome models, the existing leaf- or coil-spring is disassembled and replaced with air-bellows, shock absorbers, compressor and an electrical control unit.

Improved ride – Air suspension can provide a smoother ride, improving shock absorbency for rough road surfaces – The use of the VB FullAir in the Paris Dakar Rally is testament to the systems effectiveness. Installed on the VW Amarok for competition and on the press and adjudicators vehicles, the occurrence of spinal compression injuries were reduced to zero for the 2012 race.

Why Choose VB air suspension?

VB Air Suspension are not the same as any other air suspension manufacturer, of course the company is TUV approved as a manufacturer of air suspension systems, but also each of the kits on the market have type approval and they go further even than that. VB are recognised by the Dutch RDW as a vehicle manufacturer and adhere to the same strict quality, safety and testing standards as all the European vehicle brands.

VB Air suspension also have approval from Daimler/Chrysler AG, this means that Mercedes Benz acknowledge the quality, comfort and handling Performance of the products. Volkswagon AG have also granted approval for the quality of the VB Air Suspension kits and recently Renault have granted the Agrément Carrossier, the highest acknowledgment achievable from Renault for quality approval. All confirming that VB Air Suspension is held in the highest regard by the vehicle manufacturers.

VB FullAir enables the suspension to be lowered and the compressor used to deploy and retract a wheelchair ramp for motability applications -  this eliminates the need for tail-lifts and the need for training and annual inspections.

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