VB SemiAir for Ford Ranger 4x4 2011>

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VB SemiAir is an Assistive Air Spring, installed in place of the vehicle bump-stop, to help maintain minimum ride height and suspension travel.

  • TUV tested and type approved for Ford Ranger
  • Increases suspension travel to maintain ride height 
  • Can improve ride comfort and road handling (if set correctly)
  • Level off-centre loads
  • Can be installed with on-board compressor for height adjustments (Comfort kit – See options below)

Fitting Information:

Available for DIY, installation by local mechanic or by Conrad Anderson. Universal dash panel for switches and gauges supplied with comfort kit for Ford Ranger. Base Kit with Twin Gauges includes a mounting plate.

NB: This kit is for the High Rider models - Leaf spring is above the axle, if the leaf spring is below the axle VB Semi-Air cannot be installed.

Delivery: 18 Working Days

Please choose from the following options:

I would like Conrad Anderson to fit this item (+ £240.00)

VB SemiAir is an ideal addition to any commercial van or motorhome which is consistently heavily laden. It is an air assist which will return the ride height to where the manufacturer intended it to be, rather than down on the bump stops. This means your suspension will last longer and save you money in the long run.

VB SemiAir kits use the maximum size of airbag available (given vehicle space constraints). The Peugeot/Fiat/Citroen chassis uses an 8in airbag which reduces the internal air pressure and wear on the bag, enabling the unit to last far longer without replacement. The lift attained on the suspension positions the shock absorber at the optimum height and therefore improves damping.

Fitted with the comfort kit it allows the driver to adjust the ride height, this enables adjustment on the ride comfort, reduce vehicle roll and level off-centre loads.

  • Better stability
  • Spring force can be varied
  • Good Value
  • Body and load will be protected against damage
  • Heavy loads are no longer visible from the outside (less sagging)
  • Shock absorbers will work less and, therefore last longer

In the box

Base Kit:

Airbags, Brackets, clamps, nuts & Bolts, Pipes with Schrader valves & split conduit.

Base Kit with twin gauges:

All of the above +
2x pressure gauges, universal mounting panel and T-piece air pipe fittings

Comfort pack:

All of the above +
Compressor with brackets and fixtures
2x paddle switches and gauges are supplied with a universal installation panel.

Fitting description

  • Access to rear axle and leaf springs required.
  • Remove rear suspension bumpstop and install airbag using supplied U-bolt brackets and fixings.
  • Base kit – decide where schrader valves are to be positioned, this could be externally or in the cab area.
  • Comfort Pack – switches and gauges fit either in the front dash or on the drivers seat base, the compressor is generally installed under the drivers seat. Some motorhomes have batteries and chargers in this location so an alternate location must be sought.
  • Run pipes to required location, add split conduit at any points where friction may occur
  • Comfort pack - Run battery cable with fuse & fuse holder on live connection.

Tools Required for installation

General Workshop tools
Method of gaining access to the underside of the vehicle, lifts or inspection pits willl make the job easier and quicker, but jacking the vehicle onto axle stands will surfice as long as you don’t mind working on your back :-)

Skills Required

Some mechanical knowledge of the vehicle suspension.
Knowledge of compressed air system installation would help.
Pay attention to safety when lifting vehicles.

Will installing VB SemiAir affect the vehicle warranty?

VB SemiAir is fully TUV tested and type approved for the Ford Ranger (and all vehicles for which there is a VB SemiAir kit manufactured), as long as it is installed correctly it will not affect the vehicle warranty. If in doubt Conrad Anderson provide a professional installation service.