Telair TG480 - Automatic LPG Generator 12v 20A

Telair TG480:

The TG480 is an automatic battery charger that enables your Leisure battery to remain 'topped up' no matter where you are! It uses a small, very neat 2 stroke gas engine/generator set powered by the on-board motor-home LPG supply ensuring that your battery never falls below operational level

  • Low Noise (only 51dB at 7m).
  • Fuel: LPG
  • Fully automatic battery charging
  • Lightweight, only 19kg
  • Fits Underneath the vehicle
  • Works in extreme conditions +50.C to –25.C (when used with propane)
  • Supplies up to 20 Amps current at 12V
  • Ideal for ‘wild camping’ or when no hook-up is available

Fitting Information:

Installation is from £500, unit installed underneath the vehicle directly onto the chassis. If any fabrication work or vehicle alterations are necessary this will be charged extra - A vehicle survey is required to provide an accurate installation cost.

Delivery: 15-20 Working Days
I would like Conrad Anderson to fit this item (+ £500.00)

Simple to use

The TG480 has a simple to operate remote wall switch. If the gas tap is 'open', the vehicle engine is switched off and the remote switch on, then you do not have to do anything else. The System is controlled by a hideaway module, with an intelligent circuit board, which senses the battery voltage. The control module ensures that the EG20 is activated only when the battery needs topping up. When it does ‘kick in’ it tops the 12V battery up to almost 14.5V. The system also incorporates safety and maintenance indicator lights, which show up any of multiple fault codes.

The unit can run on any existing LPG, propane or Butane gas supply, or we have an option to have refillable LPG tanks fitted. The latter option would free up another external locker and give the option of refilling before the tank is completely empty from a potentially cheaper source.

The TG480 can be supplied with optional extras such as an hours meter and remote oil filler. The hours meter is beneficial especially for high usage systems so proper servicing intervals can be adhered to and the oil filler enables the user to easily refill the oil tank without crawling underneath.


  • Be independent from mains power supply.
  • No more TV cutting out in the middle of your favourite film.
  • No need to worry about flattening your battery by using to many appliances.
  • Guaranteed power, whatever the weather.
  • No more complains of noisy generators from your neighbours.