STEINBAUER Performance Upgrade

STEINBAUER Performance Upgrade for your vehicle

Vehicle specific hardware upgrade with in-line connection to the vehicle's ECU.

STEINBAUER products have a 9000 vehicle application list, please contact us for a quote for your vehicle.

Why Choose STEINBAUER in favour of other 'vehicle tuning' solutions

  • STEINBAUER solutions will not affect vehicle warranty - works within the set safety limits of the vehicle ECU - The vehicle 'rail' pressure is not increased, they adjust the injection timing for safe power and torque increase.
  • Not a software upgrade - No chance of the dealer resetting the software and losing the tune.
  • High quality vehicle specific solution with excellent technical backup. Modules manufactured with moisture, dust and vibration proof circuitry and IP rated OEM Quailty connectors.
  • Bespoke tuning available - STEINBAUER software can be tweeked to produce customised tuning for even greater power and torque gains (depends on the vehicle)
  • Proven, safe power gains - never over promise or under deliver on power increases

Fitting Information:

Fitting available for all STEINBAUER solutions or simple installation for DIY fit.

Price on application - please contact us for pricing options.

Delivery: 3-7 working days

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