STEINBAUER Performance Module for Alfa Romeo 147 1.9L JTD 168 BHP

Vehicle specific hardware module with vehicle specific software and in-line connection to the vehicle's injectors produces power and torque enhancement at low revs.

This STEINBAUER Performance Upgrade for Alfa Romeo 147 1.9L JTD 168 BHP offers the following enhancments to power and torque.

  • Power - 168 BHP to 201 BHP
  • Torque - 330 Nm to 396 Nm
  • Why Choose STEINBAUER in favour of other 'vehicle tuning' solutions

    • STEINBAUER solutions will not affect vehicle warranty - works within the set safety limits of the vehicle ECU - The vehicle 'rail' pressure is not increased, they adjust the injection timing for a safe power and torque increase.
    • Not a software upgrade - No chance of the dealer resetting the software and losing the tune.
    • High quality vehicle specific solution with excellent technical backup. Modules manufactured with moisture, dust and vibration proof circuitry and IP rated OEM Quailty connectors.
    • Proven, safe power gains - never over promise or under deliver on power increases
    Delivery: 5 working days
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