Oyster 85 HDTV Automatic Satellite TV System

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Oyster 85D Automatic Satellite TV System

The Oyster Digital Satellite System is easy to operate and provides a full range of programmes at utmost convenience. Wide reception range and brilliant image definition combined with fully digital satellite aiming ensure the reception of your favourite programmes.

Main features:

  • Integrated Satellite receiver with magic eye for 'invisible' installation
  • 46 Satellites pre-programmed
  • On-Screen display
  • Software upgrades via satellite
  • Can be used with seperate reciever - Sky or Freesat.

Fitting Information:

Standard Installation takes 3-5 hours.

Delivery: 10-15 Working Days

Please choose from the following options:

I would like Conrad Anderson to fit this item (+ £275.00)

Twin LNB 

The Twin LNB gives you the choice of either running 2 seperate receivers in different locations or a twin tuner PVR (recording receiver) - like Sky+ or the Humax Freesat PVR, so as not to miss any important programs.

Quad LNB 

The Quad LNB version of this model provides four connections for the convenient operation of a second, third and fourth receiver or recording device, This means you are able to watch or record four different programmes at any one time, this allows you to choose whether to use Freeview, Freesat, Sky or Virgin or another of your choice.

Digital automatic self-seeking satellite system.

  • Low level foldaway design.
  • Erects & folds automatically.
  • Programme tuning is quickly achieved on screen.
  • When lowered the dish is just 21cm (8") above the vehicle's roof. Automatic dish lowering when engine started.
  • A masterpiece of technology, the Oyster’s satellite dish can be permanently fitted on the roof of any leisure vehicle.
  • Oyster’s microprocessors ensure that the picture and stereo sound remain fully tuned and crystal clear.
  • When the system is switched off, the Oyster dish closes and stows itself out of harms way.
  • All control electronics are incorporated in the Oyster receiver.
  • Digital Receiver Available as either 65 or 85 cm unit, this is a true DIGITAL system with "Free to View" Digital Satellite receiver at its heart.
  • Even without a "Digibox" this systems offers thousands of channels, both visual and radio from a wide range of European satellites.
  • Together with fully integrated digital positioner, the entire operation of this system is carried out through the remote control communicating with a remote eye that can be mounted discretely within the vehicle.
  • A DVB-Compatible digital receiver (Digibox) can be connected allowing access to a full range of English channels including BBC, ITV etc.
  • In order to improve the Oyster even further, all UK spec systems are now fitted with Twin LNB Technology. Which means you receive two signals simultaneously, extra channels less hassle!

Optimum range thanks to SKEW option:

For optimum reception in peripheral areas of the western and eastern vacation regions of Europe, a rotation of the LNB into the suitable direction is essential and included in the Oyster 85D Twin.


Based on the recent signal strength improvements, the footprint illustration above shows an estimation of where you will receive TV signal.