Mecatronic ASR 900 FLAT SKEW

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Mecatronic ASR 900 FLAT SKEW
  • Fully Automatic satellite system for use in UK and Europe
  • Manufactuered in Europe to the highest quality
  • Excellent Technical Backup and support
  • 2 year warranty

High Tech Topmodel with GPS incorporated, automatic skew adjustment and integrated inclination meter. This system is Bluetooth ready for use with the SR Mecatronic Android/Ios App.


This version is equipped with a ASR2012 2P Box

Satellite Positions: Astra 1 (19.2°E), Astra 2 (28°E)


SR Mecatronic Motorhome Fully Auto Sat Full Automatic Motor Home Motorhome Satellite Caravan RV Camper Antenna

Technical specifications of the ASR 900 FLAT SKEW :

Offset antenna (85/90cm)

Twin LNB with noise figure 0.1dbmax

Fully automatic search system via NID (DVB-S2 standard EN300 468)

Power Supply : 12V (-20%/+30%)

Power consumption during search : max. 4A

Power consumption in standbye : less than 5mA

Fuse : 5A

Weighth : 10,9 Kg

Dimensions closed :

Height : 170mm

Width : 850mm

Length : 900mm

Fitting Information:

Installation at our Birmingham Workshop, on site installation available.

Delivery: 5-7 working days
I would like Conrad Anderson to fit this item (+ £275.00)

Satellite system footprint for Astra 2 @ 28.2°E:

UK Beam shows UK free-to-air channels, Europe beams shows some free-to-air news channels and sky pay-to-view channels:


Fully automatic motorhome satellite systems. Designed and manufactured in Italy, SR Mecatronic fully automatic satellite systems are among the most technologically advanced systems. Available with constant in house research and development. Ensuring they stay at the forefront of innovation.

Designed specifically for ease of installation and operation. These motorhome satellite systems have a quiet, precise and reliable operation. Using powerful motors to drive bronze gear wheels ensuring accurate satellite location. All units have a long maintenance-free life.

Use a DVB-S2 MP4 Full HD Tuner for excellent reception and transmission speed. The electronics clearly inform the user of operation and any possible errors.

The microswitches used in our automatic satellite systems are completely watertight and feature gold plated contacts, which guarantees contact every time.

The circuit situated in the dish housing (connections and resonance filter) is fully protected against water and condensation. The internal circuit board, used in the positioner, has 4 different layers with printed circuits.

An incorporated safety system (with audible buzzer) will closie the antenna as soon as the engine of the vehicle is started (D+ after contact).

The satellite search is done fully automatically, with a possibility of different satellite choices with Dvbs2 tuner

With automatic memory position, the satellite keeps in memory the last used position to find the satellite location quicker.

SR Mecatronic automatic satellite systems are completely designed and produced in Italy, are easy to install and guarantee faultless operation with a failure rate below 1% within the warranty period of 3 years.

Quality, reliability, performance and customer service are the key phrases that have always made our products stand out.

All our antennas use extremely robust mechanisms. With strong aluminium castings and protected with a layer of powder coating, it gives the antennas a precise and reliable operation. The mechanism uses powerful motors that drive bronze gear wheels, to ensure accurate location of the satellite and guarantee a long and maintenance-free life.

For excellent signal reception and transmission we utilize a DVB-S2 MP4 Full HD Tuner along side high quality materials, which is important for the satellite search.

Our electronics also manage to inform the user about any possible errors in the operation of the system. We protect against over-voltage, polarity inversions and are resistant to extreme environmental situations.

SR Mecatronic is synonymous with reliability, performance, quality and design – giving the ultimate in reliability and durability.

The use of the most advanced hardware and software technologies available helps to place our products at the top of their respective categories. A wide range of antennas with different user interfaces is able to meet all your needs, even for the most demanding customer.


Extremely strong and durable aluminium structure (protected with a special layer of powdercoating), offering the antenna a very good stability.

Using kinetic bearings making the system very precise and silent.

Gears made of bronze and steel and designed with utmost precision to guarantee a long and maintenance free life.

Fixation of the antenna and feed arm made of anodized aluminium.


A fuse of 5A is protecting the positioner against short-circuit, switching of the polarities +/-

The intelligent software of the positioner informs our customers when and why the antenna is not functioning.

Following indications appear on the display (LED-indication for the LED-display and in writing for the LCD-display) : obstruction by a tree or snow when the antenna is blocked horizontal or vertical.

problem with the RF cable (coax) or LNB.

Low battery or insufficient power supply.

Unstable power supply.


The high quality microswitches are fully waterproof and are having gold-plated contact points.

The circuit board in the external part (connections and resonance filter) is fully protected against water and condensation.

The circuit board, used in the positioner, has 4 different layers with printed circuits.

An incorporated safety system (with acoustic sound), closing the antenna as soon as the engine of the vehicle is started (D+ after contact).

Searching the different satellite positions by using the NIT (Identification transponder of the satellite).

APM-technology (automatic memory position), keeping in memory the last satellite positions to find the satellite positions quicker.

Available with a LED-display (7 satellite positions) or 2-coloured LCD-display (15 satellite positions).