Portable Satellite Broadband System

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Portable Satellite Broadband System:

Bespoke flightcase mounted satellite broadband system - ideal for rapid deployment in any location (within Europe, see footprint maps below) without the need for vehicle mounting or any highly trained personnel – just ship it to site, connect up and press go.

  • Ideal for Events, Exhibitions, Festivals, Disaster recovery and Continuity of service
  • 10Mbps down / 256Kbps up throughout Western Europe
  • Low ongoing data charges -
  • Data contracts can be 1 - 24 months

Price on application - please contact us for pricing options.

Delivery: 4 Weeks

The Flyaway portable satellite Broadband system is supplied with the following:

  • Oyster Internet, with satellite modem
  • Flightcase for protection during storage and transportation
  • Waterproof Pelicase, housing the electrical control systems etc.
  • Ground mounted stand for safe secure mounting
  • 5m main cable with upgraded waterproof connectors + 15m extension cable
  • 13mm Spanner

Pelicase unit includes:

  • Oyster Control Box & LCD Display
  • 7in Monitor
  • Newtec Modem
  • Remote Control
  • Fuse box + Switches
  • Tamper Alarm
  • Wifi Router

Automatic Skew adjustment

The Oyster Internet is the only satellite Internet system in it's class which operates using an automatic skew. The skew angle adjusts for the curvature of the earth so that the signal polarisation is correct regardless of the location within the footprint.

The same is true for satellite TV however, there is a 15° window for skew angle and adjustment only makes a huge difference on the edges of the footprint, this is due to the high power transmission from the satellite. The difference with Internet is the Tx (transmit) side of the communication, the iLNB has a reletively small power output (500mW - 2w, depending on the system) which means that the skew adjustment has to be far more accurate in order to work.

In short - a mobile satellite Internet system must have an automatic skew adjustment in order to work effectively across a wide area.


Data Charges

The Oyster can operate on two ISP's, Beyondsl (now rebranded to 'Satellite Internet') and IPcopter.

Beyondsl (Satellite Internet)


  4M3ValuePlus 10M5ValuePlus 10M10ValuePlus
up to 4Mbps up to 10Mbps up to 10Mbps
Data Allowance 3GB 5GB 10GB
Down / up 2.5/0.5GB 4.2/0.8GB 8.5/1.7GB
Follow-on up to 50GB 50GB 50GB
Data Reset £10.00 £18.00 £24
Unlimited 10pm - 6am £7.00 £7.00 £7.00
VOIP option £7.00 £7.00 £7.00
£ per month £15.95 £29.95 £37.95

All Data plans are now available on 1 month contracts - £49.99 activation charge applies to each non-consecutive month.

Available footprints

Astra 28.2E:

 Astra 23.5E:

For more information please contact the sales team on 0800 279 0085 or email orders@conrad-anderson.co.uk