Low Profile Cellular & LTE Multiband Antenna

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Low Profile Cellular & LTE Multiband Antenna

The LPB low profile antenna range has been designed to perform under extreme pressure. At only 82mm (3.22”) high and protected by a robust high impact radome the antenna is almost imprevious to daily wear, tear and impact.

The multiband antenna is ideal for improving your router wifi connection outdoors, with proven quality and reliability, it is used for many mission critical & commercial applications - such as ATM's, Vending Machines, Industrial Machinery, Parking and Smart Meters & Digital Signage.

Please note: (Includes 5m of cable for installation)

Delivery: 3-5 Working Days

Please choose from the following options:

Vehicles are metal boxes which have a nasty habit of preventing wifi and 3G/4G signal - the external aerial will improve the ability to communicate and the range to the nearest data source.

The addition of this aerial will improve the transmit & receiving of wifi and 3G/4G signal.

Ideal for use with the Cradlepoint IBR600. They can be used with any wifi router or 3G/4G modem which includes removable aerials.