Dometic DC-KIT3 - Comfort DC Kit

9100300002 Dometic DCKIT3 Comfort DC Kit

Be cool while you drive.

The sine wave inverter included in DC-Kit 3 and 4 generates pure sine wave voltage. That means it can supply the air conditioner as well as other electrical devices (one at a time). Even highly sensitive appliances can be operated on the separate 230-volt socket (DC-Kit 3). More features and functions: charging current distributor with low-voltage protection, priority circuit for 230-volt mains operation, remote control.

For powering air conditioning units while driving.


Fitting Information:

  • Price includes Installation

Price on application - please contact us for pricing options.

Delivery: 3-5 Working Days


  • CA1000
  • B1600, B1600+, B2200
  • Freshjet 1100, Freshjet 1700, Freshjet 2200
  • Freshlight 1600, Freshlight 2200
  • HB2500