Sterling Pro Quasi Inverter 12V/24V 100w-200w

Sterling Professional Quasi Inverter 12V or 24V 100w-200w: 

The advantage of the PRO Power Q range of inverters is that they deliver more power, for less money, lower consumption from the battery and with smaller dimensions; all key considerations whether your need is for professional or leisure use.

All units are provided with battery cables featuring lighter socket plug or gold plated terminals connections, in order to prevent battery terminal corrosion. Continuous ratings in watts mean that there is plenty of power available in reserve and short term overload will not be a problem.

Please note: Not suitable for washing machines / a selection of breadmakers.


Delivery: 3-5 Working Days

Please choose from the following options:

• Quasi sine wave power inverter
• 12V or 24V DC input - 240V AC output
• 100w, 150w or 200w Output
• Multi stage fan
• Battery low/high shutdown (Does not completely flatten your car or boat battery)