Waeco Charging Converter 12-24v 20A

Waeco Charging Converter:

12v-24v 20amp voltage converter and IU battery charger. Charges the consumer battery while driving.

  • Ideal for sensitive appliances
  • Can also be used as battery charger
  • To increase capacity, several converters can be used in parallel
  • Ideal for larger motorhomes with 12- or 24-volt starter battery and 12- or 24-volt leisure battery

Price on application - please contact us for pricing options.

Delivery: 3-5 Working Days

Combine what was never intended to be combined. In PerfectPower voltage converters the input voltage is electrically isolated from the output voltage to compensate for under- and over-voltage on the input side.

DC1224-20 also has an electronically regulated output voltage, to which they owe their extra function as a high-quality IU charger. Moreover, several converters can be used in parallel and the PerfectPower DC1224-20 is ideal for sensitive appliances or use in safety-conscious areas.

  • Can also be used as battery chargers
  • Can be used in parallel Ideal for larger motorhomes
  • Electrical isolated output voltage Additional on/off input
  • Stabilises battery/generator voltage
  • Stabilises on-board power supply during engine start
  • High energy efficiency
  • IU battery charging curve
  • Electrically isolated output voltage
  • Additional ON/OFF input
  • Clean output voltage
  • Stabilises the battery/generator voltage
  • Parallel operation possible
  • Stabilises the on-board power supply during engine start
  • EMC optimised for the automotive industry

The light weight and compact construction allows the converters to be easily
installed in mobile homes, commercial vehicles or motor and sailing vessels.

The DC1224-20 converts a 12 VDC supply from a car or boat battery to a stable 24 VDC voltage for connecting to equipment. The isolation of the input and output voltages means the output voltage can be kept stable without interference from the input circuit.

Because the maximum output current is electronically regulated, the charge
converters can be used to charge batteries to generate electricity in cars or
on boats.

The devices are equipped with protection against shorting and overloading.
If the protective function triggers, the device switches off and then switches
on again when correctly connected.