Dometic IU1012 IUOU Battery Charger 12v 10A

Charging of 1 battery, with PFC (Power Factor Correction)

  • Optimal charging technology for 12-volt wet, gel and AGM batteries
  • Quick charging without power fluctuations
  • Hassle-free operation in a range from 90 to 253 volts, thanks to PFC

Price on application - please contact us for pricing options.

Delivery: 7-10 Working Days

The low weight and compact construction of the IU0U automatic charger allow
for easy installation in mobile homes, commercial vehicles or motor and
sailing yachts. It charges batteries that are used on board vehicles or boats
to generate power or supplies them with a retention voltage so that they do
not discharge.

The device is equipped with protection against reverse polarity and overloading. A fuse protects the device from damage. A control lamp on the device enables constant monitoring in the IU0U automatic charger.

A controlled switched mode power supply with power factor correction (PFC)
maximises use of the mains connection. The power factor correction ensures
the the optimum charging current is always present.