Portable Lithium Powerpack


Portable Lithium Power pack:

The Lithium Powerpack is a portable lightweight power source powered by a heavy duty Lithium battery. The Portable Lithium Powerpack is enclosed in a safe & sturdy PeliCase ideal for mobile power on the move in any capacity. 230v mains charger included.


  • Safe & sturdy
  • Waterproof
  • 12DC power socket
  • Additional 5V DC USB port (Ideal for mobile device charging)
  • Fast recharge time 
  • Weight from 2.5kg to 11.5kg (Dependent on product chosen)


Delivery: 10-15 Working Days

Please choose from the following options:

The Portable Lithium Powerpack is enclosed in a safe & sturdy PeliCase and is ideal for mobile power on the move in any capacity. The heavy-duty lithium battery which enables extended battery life ans fast charging.

The RKB Lithium Power Station offers a variety of connectivity options for your mobile devices. Depending on the version, the power station has 2 or 3 12 volt cigar lighter sockets and can be connected to consumers with upto 20 A continuous current. Mobile phone, tablet PC or navigation systems are connected via the built-in 5V USB charging socket. The lithium power station is charged via a 230 V AC charger, this is required for charging and included in the price. The display in the front panel shows the current state of charge during charging. The device can also be used to assist in start-up operations. For this purpose, the optional high current adapter cable with Anderson connectors and insulated clamps.

The units includes state of the art protective circuits to prevent potential overload, deep discharge, over current as well as other possible short-circuits. At the same time the protective circuits are designed with very low power consumption to avoid additional discharge of the battery.

The system is manufactured using battery cells  by LG Chem, a  market leader in batteries for mobile devices.

Air Travel - The Lithium batteries packs can be transported by air as they are part of an appliance and include the required short circuit protection. For more detail regarding this please see the IATA Website for air travel policy on Dangerous Goods and Lithium Batteries

Features and functions: 
Portable, lightweight Lithium Ion Battery Case with (12V) 30Ah - 150Ah   Car socket, 1x 5VDC USB jack (type A), 1x Speakon charging socket and LED capacity indicator. Maximum combined power output of 400 watts.