Brigade BackEye™ - 360 ̊ Camera Monitor System

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Brigade Backeye™ - 360 ̊ Camera Monitor System:

The Brigade BackEye is an intelligent camera monitor system designed to assist ln speed manoeuvrability by providing the driver with a real time view. Simutaneous digital images from the cameras are processed and video stiched, resulting in a 360° birds eye view within a single image delivering a clear real time image on the drivers monitor.


  • Completely eliminates blind spots
  • Enables safe manoeuvring
  • Reduced vehicle damage and costs
  • Increased safety for pedestrians
  • Ideal for large motorhomes, rigid lorry and refuse trucks
  • Can be linked to the Brigade MDR Recording system

Check out our recent blog post on our 360° reversing camera system installation on a 5th wheel motorhome.

Fitting Information:

This is a guideline price for installation, please contact us to discuss an accurate quotation for installation to your vehicle. Installation involves calibration using a specialist calibration kit.

I would like Conrad Anderson to fit this item (+ £960.00)

The 4 images are processed with special software which stiches the images together to show the driver a plan view of their vehicle with live images all around. This will completely eliminate blind spots and improve safety while manoeuvring

The Brigade Smarteye™ - 360 ̊ Camera Monitor System consists of:

  • 4x 187° cameras positioned on front, rear and either side of the vehicle.
  • 1x Control Box
  • 1x 7in Monitor
  • All cabling

System is available with 3 grades of monitor Select, Elite, and Extreme - each one increasing in quality - choose the relevant option to purchase.

The Blind Spot Hazard

All vehicles are affected by blind spots; areas that become hazards when a vehicle is in motion. The substantial size of commercial vehicles and machines, operator positions, bodywork, bulkheads and the lack of rear windows all restrict a driver's view. This means that anyone or anything in the path of a
manoeuvring vehicle is in danger of not being seen.

Additional mirrors and the installation of cameras help combat this problem, but even with this extra assistance, the driver may still not be totally aware of anything or anyone in the vehicle's path. After all, he can only be looking in one monitor or mirror at any given time. In fact, even with the fitment of visibility aids, vehicle blind spots can still be a problem and remain a contributory
factor in collisions in all industries.

Eliminating the Blind Spot

Brigade has solved the problem of hidden blind spots with the launch of Smarteye™, a camera monitor system that offers the ultimate view of a vehicle for the first time. Using brand new technology it takes vehicle safety to
the next level.

Smarteye™, powered by ASL360, is an intelligent camera monitor system designed to assist low speed manoeuvrability by providing the driver with a real-time surround view of the vehicle in a single image. Ultra wide-angle cameras mounted on the front, sides and rear of the vehicle capture the surrounding areas of the vehicle including all blind spots. Simultaneous digital
images from these cameras are then processed and 'video-stitched' resulting in a 360° bird's-eye view within a single image delivering a clear, real-time picture on the driver's monitor.