HD Oyster Mobile Satellite Internet System

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Oyster Fully Automatic Satellite Broadband System

Oyster's reputation for high quality in the mobile satellite market, coupled with Conrad Anderson's knowledge, expertise and customer service is a great combination for your satellite internet needs.


  • Broadband connectivity throughout Europe
  • Fully Automatic satellite search with auto skew
  • Upto 10Mbps download / 256Kbps upload
  • Includes free Netgear Wifi router plus installation 
  • Low data charges - from £16 per month on 1 month contracts
  • Excellent technical backup and customer support

Fitting Information:

Standard installation is onto a motorhome or van, larger vehicles can cost more.

Price on application - please contact us for pricing options.

Delivery: 3-5 Working Days

The Oyster internet offers broadband connectivity throughout Europe. Whether you are working, holidaying or relaxing we can enable you to stay connected regardless of location and at no extra cost.

Conrad Anderson uses the Oyster  to provide Internet solutions to many high profile blue chip companies including Mircosoft, HP, IBM, Barclays Bank, Lenovo & Ford to name a few.

  • Automatic search with one-click deployment
  • Now available with up to 10 Mbps connection speed
  • Will provide broadband internet access anywhere in Central & Northern Europe at no extra cost (data charges apply - see below)
  • No degradation of signal due to geographical location (barring obstruction of satellite)
  • Highest quality construction using robust materials.

The Oyster Internet is capable of receiving TV and Internet reception (not simultaneously) and is ideal for motorhomes, caravans, exhibition trucks/trailers and mobile control centres etc.

The system is easy to setup with one button deployment and an acquisition time or 30 - 60 seconds (typically); And easy to maintain with software and channel list updates free of charge via satellite. Additional safety features such as automatic retaraction on vehicle start are included as standard.

Automatic Skew adjustment

The Oyster Internet is the only satellite Internet system in it's class which operates using an automatic skew. The skew angle adjusts for the curvature of the earth so that the signal polarisation is correct regardless of the location within the footprint.

The same is true for satellite TV however, there is a 15° window for skew angle and adjustment only makes a huge difference on the edges of the footprint, this is due to the high power transmission from the satellite. The difference with Internet is the Tx (transmit) side of the communication, the iLNB has a reletively small power output (800mW on the Oyster System) which means that the skew adjustment has to be far more accurate in order to work.

In short - a mobile satellite Internet system must have an automatic skew adjustment in order to work effectively across a wide area.

Data Charges

The Oyster operates on the Astra network using the ISP Broadband Everywhere


  Easy 6 Easy 6+ Easy 10
up to 6Mbps up to 6Mbps up to 10Mbps
Data Allowance 4GB 8GB 10GB
Down / Up 3.3GB / 0.7GB 6.7 / 1.3 8.3 / 1.7
£ per year   £900 £1080

Available footprints

Astra 28.2E:

For more information please contact the sales team on 0800 279 0085 or email orders@conrad-anderson.co.uk