Hydraulic Levelling for Fiat Ducato 07> (ALKO)

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Fully automatic levelling at the touch of a button. Arrive on site, press button to level, wait 2 minutes and then make the tea and enjoy your time away.

  • Completely stable with no movement when people are moving around inside or on entering and leaving the vehicle.
  • Vehicle specific kits available for all major motorhome chassis.


Fitting Information:

The price includes installation at our installer in Stoke. For bulk orders and installation by a converter please contact us.


Kit consists of:

  • 4 hydraulic rams fixed to the chassis next to the axles
  • Control panel in a convenient location
  • Shows the direction of tilt of the vehicle and houses all the controls
  • Oil Reservoir and pump are fitted in a locker or garage area.

You know the story: you are at a camp site or you are making a short stop at a beautiful spot along the road, but your camper van is rather uneven. So uneven that the available levellers are not enough to put your camper van in a more or less even position. So you try a few more planks, another jack, etc.

After you have done this, you can at long last enjoy your rest, but then you want to move on again and at the next stop it will probably be the same story all over again. A time-consuming activity that gives a lot of trouble.

To save you all this trouble, Ma-Ve have developed the Ma-Ve Motorhome levelling system.

At the touch of a button, your camper van is set in a level position fully automatically, and ready in minutes. And the vehicle is now also perfectly stable, no movement whatsoever can be felt when someone walks through it or steps in.

Ma-Ve Hydraulic levelling can also be used to jack the vehicle off the ground if you need to change a wheel.