2x 10l Fuel Cartridge for Efoy Fuel Cells


EFOY 2X 10L Fuel Cartridge: 

The EFOY cell uses methanol as a fuel to produce electricity.
Methanol is an extremely fine, liquid fuel composed of only one type of molecule.
SFC continually monitors the fuel to prevent contamination and even provides a seal of purity.

Please note that this item contains two 10l fuel cartridges and shipping is £42 due to the specialist carrier required.

Delivery: 3-5 Working Days

SFC has designed special EFOY fuel cartridges to protect the methanol against contamination and to guarantee safe, convenient use.

Every fuel cartridge comes equiped with a safety valve that prevents spillage. It only opens if the fuel cartridge has been connected to an EFOY fuel cell. If the fuel cartridge is removed, the safety valve will reseal hermetically. This solution is alot safer, cleaner and more convenient than filling a gas powered generator.