GC4 - Stalk Command Module with 2 Preset Memories


The GC4/CM35 is a very popular command module for many new vehicles, ergonomically designed for integration into modern car interiors to provide a quality finish with comfort and ease of use. This is a basic stalk with two memory functions.

Fitting Information:

Bolts onto the steering column cowling, designed for the left of the steering column, but can be fitted on the right if necessary

Delivery: 1-2 Working Days


  • On/Off (Push away)
  • Set/Increase Speed (Push up)
  •  Resume/Decrease Speed (Push down)
  • Coast (Push towards you)
  • 2 Memory functions

The GC4 will work with any of the Gold Cruise Actuators, GC90, GC90c, GC55 and GC30. To aid fitting it's length and angle are adjustable. This is the command module only, for a complete cruise control solution use the vehicle specific cruise control wizard.