GC90C CANBUS Cruise Control & Speed Limiter



The GC90c is an electronic actuator with an in-built CANBUS interface. The system requires a vehicle specific or universal T-Harness to interface with the vehicle throttle pedal. The GC90c encorporates the in-built speed limiter function, the first cruise control to offer this funtionality. The unit offers 2 seperate functions of which the installer can select to activate whichever is necessary. 

Delivery: 3-5 Working Days

Fitted this with the 3 preset stalk to a Fiat Panda Cross 2015 - Easy to fit, as most work is through the can bus. Plugs into the OBD socket or can be hard wired. Plug accelerator into this box via supplied adapter and this box into the socket that accelerator was connected to. Pick up a switched ignition feed. Fit the stalk which in my case was very easy and you have Cruise and Limiter - Highly Recommended - Love it


Review Posted on 16/09/2015 by J. Eskdale