GC90C CANBUS Cruise Control & Speed Limiter



The GC90c is an electronic actuator with an in-built CANBUS interface. The system requires a vehicle specific or universal T-Harness to interface with the vehicle throttle pedal. The GC90c encorporates the in-built speed limiter function, the first cruise control to offer this funtionality. The unit offers 2 seperate functions of which the installer can select to activate whichever is necessary. 

Delivery: 3-5 Working Days

Functions: Cruise Control Driver-set limiter The cruise control function allows the driver to set a constant vehicle speed without having his/her feet on the pedals. The speed limiter function will enable the vehicle to drive at any speed upto the set limit but not beyond, with no adverse effect on the vehicle acceleration upto that point - ideal for stretches of road with average speed cameras and heavy congestion, where cruise control is impractical. GC90 is compatible with GC3, GC4, GC5, GCPSA and GC1 command modules and the GCM memory module. All functions are activated through the command module. Electronic actuator: Especially designed for ‘Drive by Wire’ vehicles. This unit requires a command module plus a plug-in pedal interface ‘T Harness’ which is vehicle specific. Saves time on fitting, no moving/wearing parts. This is the base unit only, for a complete cruise control solution use the vehicle specific cruise control wizard.