GC55 Universal Cruise Control – Electric Actuator


GC55 Universal electric actuator base unit. 4 stroke lengths and variable cable length. Universal kit for easier fitting in awkward spaces. AP-550 Actuator and ECU The AP-550 Actuator and the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) are both products, which are universal and special developed and designed. The ECU is separated from the actuator, which allows for mounting in a less hostile environment than in the engine compartment. As a result, the installation procedure is effortlessness and the life time of the product increases. The ECU includes self-learning technology, so that micro switches are no longer needed. The system can easily be adjusted to cater for the individual wishes of the end user in terms of the trigger speed and sensitivity. ECU The heart of the GoldCruise is the completely new AP550 Actuator, which was developed in order to avoid installation errors and reduce the time needed for installation. 

Delivery: 1-2 Working Days

Moreover, the design guarantees correct operation in vehicles fitted with a drive-by-wire accelerator. AP550 ECU A special dual short stroke pulley (18 or 24 mm) has been developed for that purpose, which can only be mounted in the correct way. Now that the actuator can be assembled in a foolproof way, the actual mounting procedure can actually take place at various locations. This results in a considerably larger selling market and an easier distributor system. Waterproof AMP plug Another important aspect is the use of the waterproof AMP plugs, which offer the electrical connections maximum protection against corrosion and meet therefore the very highest international standards. The use of high quality materials prolongs the working life of the servo motor considerably.