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Domus Thermal Megaduct Rigid Duct 220x90mm 1m Insulation Length Grey

Thermal Supertube Rigid Duct

Domus Thermal Supertube is a patented system that significantly improves the thermal insulation ducting in domestic properties, thus reducing heat loss and preventing the formation of condensation.

Technical Information

  • Available Available 220x90mm in size
  • Applicable for Bathroom, Toilet, Utility Room, Kitchen and Whole House application
  • Suitable free area 17,968mm2
Delivery: 3-5 Working Days

Complies with Building Regulations -  The increased thermal resistance of Domus thermal therefore exceeds current Building regulations

  • Sustainable – Recyclable when installed in accordance with Domus installation guidelines
  • Quick & Easy Installation- Joints require no taping or sealing
  • Breath of range - Domus Thermal is available in a range of profiles and fittings to insulate the Domus EasiPipe (round) and Supertube (rectangular) duct systems.
  • Unique Aesthetic Design - The interlocking feature and regular external profile provides homeowners with a neat, professional and continuous appearance.