204x60mm Duct Fire Sleeve


Domus 220x90mm Rigid Duct Fire Sleeve Silver

For installation with the Sinclair Water cooled Marine air conditioning units

Domus Fire Sleeves consist of a flexible galvanised steel shell containing graphite based intumescent material. They are manufactured to suit the following Domus duct:


horizontal 110 x 54mm

horizontal 204 x 60mm

horizontal 220 x 90mm

Horizontal application


Why Domus Horizontal Fire Sleeves?

  • Rectangular profiles tested to BSEN 1366-3: 2009
  • Round profile tested to the temperature and pressure conditions of BSEN 1363-1: 1999 and the principles of BSEN 1366-3: 2009
  • Tested with Uncapped/Uncapped (U/U) duct configurations as required for ventilation duct
  • Up to 120 minutes fire rating (see table below for exact rating)
  • Rectangular profiles are very slimline, saving ceiling space
  • Suitable for masonry walls or plasterboard partitions
  • Suitable for insulated and non-insulated partitions
  • Can be retrofitted
  • No mechanical fixings required
  • Robust galvanised steel shell
  • Performance unaffected by weathering (type x durability)


Delivery: 3-5 Working Days