Insulation shell for 204x60mm duct


Domus Thermal Supertube Rigid Duct 204x60mm 1m Insulation Fixed Spigot Plenum Grey


Thermal Supertube Fixed Spigot Plenum

Domus Thermal Supertube fixed spigot plenum is part of the thermal ducting range.

Technical Information

  • Available 204x60mm
  • Applicable for Bathroom, Toilet, Utility Room, Kitchen and Whole House Application
  • Suitable free area 11,200mm2
Delivery: 3-5 Working Days

Complies with Building Regulations -  The increased thermal resistance of Domus thermal therefore exceeds current Building regulations

  • Sustainable – Recyclable when installed in accordance with Domus installation guidelines
  • Quick & Easy Installation- Joints require no taping or sealing
  • Breath  of range - Domus Thermal is available in a range of profiles and fittings to insulate the Domus EasiPipe (round) and Supertube (rectangular) duct systems.
  • Unique Aesthetic Design - The interlocking feature and regular external profile provides homeowners with a neat, professional and continuous appearance.