Dometic Freshlight 1600 with Integrated Rooflight

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Dometic Freshlight 1600:

The Dometic Freshlight 1600 is a snazzy roof air conditioning unit that has a window built in, complete with blind and internal dimmable lights. Available in 1600watt and 2100watt, this particular model is suitable .vehicle lengths of up to 6 m.


  • Roof light with active ventilation system and single-pleated blackout screen
  • Energy-efficient heat pump system for cooling and heating
  • Individual air flow regulation with automatic blower control
  • Low current consumption & campsite friendly
  • Using DC-Kit-2 or DC-Kit-3 also for mobile operation (12 volts DC)

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Fitting Information:

The price includes installation. We have one unit left which is ex-demo. Conrad Anderson are a Dometic Premium Partner and offer a 3 year warranty on air conditioning units if installed by Conrad Anderson. We offer high quality installations which will last the test of time. The price includes standard installation with fused spur onto existing 240v circuit - the vehicle must have RCD's preinstalled, if not they are added at extra cost. Most modern vehicles include these items, older vehicles may not.

Delivery: 3-5 Working Days

The Dometic FreshLight roof air conditioner with integrated roof window can condition the interior of campers and caravans with cool or warm air.

The roof air conditioner is not suitable for installation in construction machines, agricultural machines or similar equipment. It will not work properly if exposed to strong vibrations.

The operating mode of the roof air conditioner is guaranteed for temperature up to 52 °C.

Do not operate the roof air conditioner in the “Heating” air conditioning mode if the room temperature is above 30 °C.

Heating operation is recommended at ambient temperatures of +2 °C and above.

The roof air conditioner with integrated window supplies the interior with cool or warm dehumidified air without dust and dirt. Used air can be extracted from the interior with a blower.

Two dimmable LED lamps integrated in the air outlet unit provide pleasant lighting.

The roof window has two blinds: the blackout roller blind lets no light through, while the sun protection blind protects from direct sunlight. The roof air conditioner can lower or raise the temperature within the vehicle to a certain level. The temperature depends on the type of vehicle, the ambient temperature and the cooling capacity of your roof air conditioner. Below an outer temperature of 16 °C the roof air conditioner does not cool anymore. In this case only use the air conditioning mode “Circulating air”.