Dometic Freshjet 1100 Air Conditioning Unit

Dometic Freshjet 1100:

Roof mounted air conditioner with 1000 watts for vehicle lengths of up to 5 m. This unit also includes the freshjet air distribution box which is essentially required for operation of the Freshjet 1100 unit.

  • Light weight at 22 kg
  • Ideal for vehicles of up to max. 5 m
  • All functions can be controlled by remote control

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Fitting Information:

Conrad Anderson are a Dometic Premium Partner and offer a 3 year warranty on air conditioning units if installed by Conrad Anderson. We offer high quality installations which will last the test of time. The price includes standard installation with fused spur onto existing 240v circuit - the vehicle must have RCD's preinstalled, if not they are added at extra cost. Most modern vehicles include these items, older vehicles may not. The option price includes DC kit installation

Delivery: 7-10 Working Days

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  • Compact design
  • Light weight at 22 kg
  • Ideal for vehicles of up to max. 5 m
  • All functions can be controlled by remote control
  • Integrated LED lights
  • Perfect installation results
  • As a duo unit, ideal for creating separate climate zones in larger vehicles
  • Can be run on the move in conjunction with DCKIT1
  • Air distribution box features 2 adjustable air flows

Add some cool into your vehicle with the Dometic Freshjet 1100...

Ideal for vehicles upto 7m in length providing effective & efficient cooling and ease-of-use in abundance with remote controlled operation.

Which air con is right for your vehicle?

When specifying which air con unit is right for your vehicle we ask a few very simple questions:

How big is your van?
Where are you travelling to & in what time of year?

According to the size of your vehicle the manufacturer suggests which units are designed for which vans, this is a good guide when in average european temperatures. But in practise there are other questions to ask.

What Dometic suggests:

8m+ vehicle - FJ2600 or FJ3200
7m vehicle - FJ or FL2200 
5-6m vehicle - FJ or FL1700
4-5m vehicle - FJ or FL1100

A bigger air con unit will perform better at cooling your van than a smaller unit, but as you juggle budget with performance the other important factor is the current consumption. Dometic units are soft start (low start-up current) and designed to operate on even the lowest current rated camp sites, but it will depend on which other electrical equipment you use at the same time and the available current coming into your vehicle (hook up or Generator). Questions around current consumption are even more important when looking at running the unit with a DC-Kit.

If you are heading for hotter climates (Southern Europe in Summer) then it is worth considering a larger unit. If the temperatures start to increase into the late 30's and 40 degree mark the unit will require some help - shut the curtains & blinds and always keep the windows closed.

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