Waeco 1000w-2000w 12v/24v Modified Inverter

Waeco 1000w-2000w 12v/24v Modified Inverter

The Waeco PerfectPower range of inverters are high quality modified sine wave inverters which allow you to turn a 12V power source into a sine wave like 240 Volt alternating voltage, this is an ideal feature which allows you to power sensitive electronic equipment with avoiding the risk of damage. The Perfectpower range also includes an additional outlet for connection of an external switch which offers choice of connection through the users dashboard.


  • Suitable for appliances with PFC control
  • Distinctive design of WAECO electronics
  • Reverse pole protection by exchangeable fuses
  • External remote control via rocker switch
  • 12 or 24 volt cigarette lighter plug
  • External on/off switch

Price on application - please contact us for pricing options.

Delivery: 2-3 Working Days

Please choose from the following options:

The 1000-watt models generate a sine-wave-like 230-volt alternating voltage for particularly powerful appliances.

  • Mains priority circuit - switches to mains power when available.
  • Soft-start function - ensures gentle starting even where powerful appliances are concerned.
  • Cable organisers & exhaust air adapter included
  • Outputs for remote control and external ON/OFF switch,
  • Adjustable mounts, mounting plate
  • Integrated mains priority circuit
  • High peak output for especially powerful appliances
  • Overload and short circuit protection
  • Can be switched on or off by external switch

The new PerfectPower high-performance inverters leave nothing to be desired!