VB Air Suspension - VB AL-KO SemiAir Suspension

Installation of VB AL-KO Semi-Air Suspension on your motorhome improves the stability and optimal handling of your vehicle. Motorhomes are known to have a higher center of gravity, this element becomes an issue when travelling on motorways/ dual carriage ways where a higher speed limit is compulsory. Driving at higher speeds can cause your motorhome to lean / roll when manoeuvring, VB air suspension offers your motorhome a strengthened and more stable suspension system throughout travel and less sensitive to crosswinds.

The inclusion of the VB air suspension system helps to improve drive comfort and improve handling throughout travel. The increase of the vehicles suspension travel can help to eliminate the appearance of handling and steering issues which may occur during travel. These issues normally appear because of the uneven distribution of weight within motorhomes; roof racking and external equipment can also lead to this problem.

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Selecting the right product for your vehicle brings forth various considerations to ensure you select the right product for your vehicle, your choice depends on if you require your ride height to be increased on a constant basis; or if you simply need an increase of your suspension travel. VB Suspension also offer a comfort pack option to their systems which allow you to automatically adjust your ride height, this is operational through the use of a compressor pack with gauges located on your dash board.