VB Air Suspension

VB Air Suspension can add a multitude of benefits to your vehicle, depending on your vehicles chassis and how much load it carries on a regular basis.

Product Options:

VB FullAir – Fully Automatic, active control of the ride height

  • Level off centre loads - Automatic
  • Constant ride height    
  • Improved Handling
  • Improved Comfort        
  • Reduce Vehicle Roll        
  • Ideal for heavily laden, high mileage vehicles. Motability, motorhomes and vehicles which transport expensive equipment.

VB SemiAir – Manually adjustable

  • Increase suspension travel
  • Reduced sagging
  • Level off centre loads - manual
  • Can improve handling*    
  • Can reduce vehicle roll*
  • Ideal for constantly heavily laden vehicles

VB Coilsprings – Light or Heavy Springs

  • Increase suspension travel
  • Reduce sagging
  • Increase Ride Height
  • Can improve handling*
  • Ideal for constantly heavily laden vehicle

*Depends on vehicle weight and either type of spring or pressure in airbag.

VB Air Suspension are the market leader in OEM and aftermarket air suspension systems, and are now a premium partner with Volkswagen; this constant innovation and development enables vehicle specific solutions to fit most small ‘high payload’* vehicles on the market.

Vehicle suspension is obviously an integral part of the vehicle running gear, directly affecting function and safety – it is for this reason that VB Air Suspension adhere to the highest safety & testing regime and are registered as a vehicle manufacturer by the Dutch RDW.

Use the product wizards for VBSemiAir and VB CoilSprings sub categories to find a solution for your vehicle. If you are looking for a FullAir system for your vehicle please call us to discuss the options - 0800 279 0085

**Includes small medium and large vans and 4x4 trucks e.g. Toyota HiLux & Nissan Navara etc.