Satellite TV - Satellite Receivers

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There are many satellite receivers available, with such choice how do you know which one is best for you? In order to make it a little easier we have detailed the main features of many of our range with explanations of the features - continue to the product selector at the bottom of the page, click on the feature to see the available products.

  • 12v Operation - These can be powered from a vehicle battery, not all options include a 12v lead - if not, the 240v power adaptor can be modified to run directly via 12v through an inverter.
  • 7 Day Program Guide - Sky and Freesat receivers show a full 7 day program guide, other receivers just show 'now & next' i.e. what is showing currently and what is showing next.
  • HD - High definition receivers with HDMI output, an HD ready TV is required for these receivers.
  • SD - Standard Definition receivers use mainly scart or RCA output sockets, compatible with most TV's (check the conections on you TV)
  • Infra-Red Eye - If you intend to have the satellite receiver hidden away in a cupboard an IR eye or 'Magic Eye' is required in order to use the remote while keeping the cupboard closed.
  • On Demand Services - An internet connection is required for this option - allows the viewing of online TV services such as BBC iplayer, 4od, 5 on-demand etc through the satellite receiver.
  • Single Channel Recording - single tuner recorders allow the recording of the channel being watched, they usually require an additional USB stosrage device.
  • Twin Channel Recording - Twin tuner units allow the recording of one channel while watching another as well as pausing live TV (Please note you require two LNB inputs to use this function).
  • UK Free Channels - The receivers allow watching of all UK FTA (Free to Air) TV channels, includes all BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 etc.
  • Sky Premium Channels - These receivers allow the option to view paid for TV channels such as Sky Sports, Sky Movies and the Sky Entertainment package (A Sky subscription is required).

Please use our product selector to help you select the right satellite receiver to suit you.