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At Conrad Anderson we like to offer solutions.  There is a fantastic range of power, TV & climate control products waiting to be discovered. 

Here is a flavour of what we can do for you:


The MiPV range of solar panels are a cut above the rest, manufactured using cutting edge CIGS thin film solar panel on Stainless Steel Foil technology. These CIGS panels are lightweight, super efficient, flexible, strong and easy to install. They maximise energy collection by harnessing light from daybreak to dark whether full sun or grey and overcast. 

The MiPV panels are so flexible and strong, they arrive rolled in a tube!

We can supply complete kits or just a panel on its own, you choose what you need or contact us if you need advice.

There is also a complete range of top quality Victron regulators, chargers, inverters and lithium batteries to compliment and complete your energy solution.

Water to Air reversible heat pump for heating & cooling

Would you like a clean energy solution for heating and cooling your craft?  The highly efficient range of Sinclair marine water-to-air-reversible-heat-pumps will do just that.  By taking the heat from the water the boat is sitting in and converting it to warm or cool air, say goodbye to smoky heaters, diesel fumes and storage issues. 

Meeting Kyoto protocols for clean energy it ticks all the right boxes for future proofing your climate control solution.  Also available is a full range of ventilation accessories for a complete installation solution.  These systems can be installed as the boat is being built or can be retrofitted. 

Are You in the Market for Boat Satellite TV?

If you want boat satellite TV, you’ll find that we offer some affordable, high-tech systems which will allow you to enjoy television entertainment on-board. Adding one of these systems to your vessel will be the secret of having more fun while you cruise and relax.

Our mobile satellite TV systems come from trusted manufacturers, including KVH, Oyster & Satfi. These manufacturers are known for providing mobile satellite TV which is dependable and easy to set up.

Now is the right time to purchase a new satellite TV system for your watercraft. Our buyers have chosen the best models, so you’ll find that there is something which is perfect for your needs.

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