Linnepe Load Carriers - SmartRack

Off into the rear garage

The safest place to keep your scooter or high-value bicycles is obviously the garage compartment of your motorhome - if it has one. For convenient storage, it is worth investing in a decent slide system that pulls out easily and can be lowered for loading. A primary aspect to consider is a flat slide design so you lose minimal height in the already compact garage. Our SmartRack is designed to lower down right over the garage doorframe – and, for good measure, features a back-friendly support system to help you lift the loaded rack back into the garage.

Thanks to its flat design, the platform takes up no more than around 10 cm in height. As a standard model, the SmartRack weighs in at just about 39 kg and is designed for transporting a scooter, but can be upgraded just as easily to accommodate up to three bikes.