Linnepe Load Carriers - Slideport

The unbeatable duo for vans

The Trigger and Slideport are two very popular racks that look exactly the same and lend themselves for use with van based motorhomes, and since the support bars are not cranked, the racks are just as perfect a fit for motorhomes with high chassis. If you don’t mind unloading the two-wheelers whenever you want to get into the back of the van, the Trigger is just the right rack for you. 

The SlidePort platform rack slides just as easily to the side, even when loaded to the max with a cool 170 kg. This clears the right rear door for easy access to the loading compartment, gas cylinders or cassette toilet. But that’s not all the SlidePort has to offer.

A top-notch rack obviously needs a sophisticated ramp to load the rack. While the rail of the Trigger is fitted to the top of the rack, our design engineers have developed a somewhat more functional solution for the SlidePort, ensuring tidy storage of the ramp. When not in use, it disappears in a drawer.