Horse Box

Top Horsebox Accessories for Comfortable Travelling

Stay connected on the road with our horse box internet solutions. Say hello to fast and secure 4G & 5G connectivity. Our mobile internet systems offer reliable coverage across Europe and are compatible with a range of devices, including remote monitoring, and priority data.

In addition to internet solutions, we also offer horse box air conditioning units. Our Sinclair ASV-25A and ASV-35A units are designed to keep your horse box cool during hot summer days. These units can be mounted on the roof and offer high capacity cooling, making them ideal for horse boxes of any size. They are also equipped with seventeen hundred watts of pure power and can be controlled via remote.

Our horse box accessories, including power systems and mobile satellite systems, are all high quality and built for reliability. Upgrade your horse box today with our advanced internet and cooling solutions, and experience the convenience of staying connected on the road.