Cruise Control/Speed Limiter - Universal Cruise Control Kits

If you’re in the midst of a long caravanning holiday or campervan trip around Europe, the importance of having cruise control or a speed limiter installed will become starkly apparent. With long driving hours and winding roads in the countryside that stay at a relatively steady pace, installing cruise control will give you that little bit of a break when you’ve been driving for what seems like eternity.

Here at Conrad Anderson, we supply an array of cruise control kits and speed limiters that can be suited to your individual requirements and the requirements of your vehicle – whether it’s a campervan, car or truck.

Our universal cruise control kits work as electro mechanical, Bowden cable-operated systems, which are installed directly into the throttle quadrant of the vehicle, or its actuator, or a bracket on the throttle pedal (all dependent upon the vehicle type).

We offer our own cruise control wizard that can assist you in discovering the correct configuration for your vehicle, before you embark on the universal option – you may be able to find one that specifically caters to your vehicle itself.

If you cannot find your vehicle on the cruise control wizard, our universal cruise control kit is the option for you. They are best suited to older, rare and generally non-standard vehicles, but ensure that everyone can benefit from cruise control.

Contact us today if you have any queries about whether your vehicle requires a universal cruise control kit. With our years of experience in the industry, we can quickly clear up any issues and have you back on the road in no time with your universal cruise control kit in the UK. What’re you waiting for?