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These products are spares for items included in vehicle specific and universal cruise control kits.

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Some vehicles are lucky enough to include the feature of cruise control which allows you to control your vehicle’s speed automatically. If your vehicle does not have this feature, this is easy to change by using an aftermarket cruise control kit. Here at Conrad Anderson we are happy to give our customers a break by providing our cruise control kits.

We are the only company in the UK to import John Gold cruise control systems and can offer aftermarket cruise control kits which are suitable for use on almost any vehicle. The appropriate cruise control kit for your vehicle can be found in the list below. These are all TUV approved and extremely convenient to use, available with a steering column-mounted stalk with pre-set buttons.

The benefits of installing a cruise control kit in your car are manifold. These include greater efficiency of the fuel in your car and reduced fatigue, leading to more relaxed driving. Because the cruise speed can be pre-set, a cruise control kit will also limit the chance of obtaining fines for speeding or points on your licence.

In addition to our cruise control kits, we also sell a new speed management product which combines a built-in cruise control with a top speed limiter. Using these together can improve your fuel saving by up to 30%. You can also purchase great Steinbauer performance upgrades which are the ideal accompaniment to cruise control kits, allowing for easier cruising and towing, particularly for heavier vehicles. Contact us today.

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