Air Conditioning - Sinclair Air Conditioning Units

Are you looking to upgrade or replace your air conditioning system? At Conrad Anderson, we supply a range of Sinclair roof air conditioning units that have been designed specifically for use in caravans and motorhomes. Journeys in your motorhome or caravan can be long and arduous, and your comfort whilst driving is essential to staying both focused and sane whilst on the road. Sinclair takes this into consideration when designing their air conditioning units, to guarantee you the utmost comfort every time you’re behind the wheel of your motorhome.

Sinclair air systems are the best of their kind, providing a whole range of temperature settings so that you can create the optimum travelling conditions for you and your passengers. With powerful cooling, heating and dehumidification settings, you will come to depend on your Sinclair air conditioning all year round. Sinclair air conditioning units also operate quietly and can be controlled either manually, by remote or Wi-Fi to cause as little distraction to the driver as possible. They are also great value for money, providing high power for a low cost.

At Conrad Anderson, we are proud to be suppliers of high quality electronics and accessories for cars motorhomes and caravans that make every journey behind the wheel a breeze. As well as our Sinclair air conditioning units, we also offer a fitting service to ensure that your new air conditioning system is fitted safely and correctly, ready for your next journey.

For more information about the Sinclair air conditioning units that we offer, our fitting service or any of the other products on our website, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us and we shall be happy to provide all the information that we can.